Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Memories

Because Halloween 2011 is already just a memory. And I know that, in what seems like only moments, Halloween 2025 will be only a memory. We had a slew of 1-4 year olds running through our house this morning, and the squeals and giggles were priceless. Some of my favorite moments from this day and how I wish I could live it all over again...

And as a gift to my readers who also happen to feel that time is slipping through their hands faster than they really appreciate...I discovered an amazing new-to-me blog while browsing Pinterest (yes - I'm on there and one of these days I'll figure out how to do the whole Pinterest button on blog thing, but that will have to wait until another day). After reading several posts about photographing Halloween, I just knew that this was a must follow. So, if you're looking to preserve some of your memories, head over and visit Katie Evans Photography. And for your future photography tip needs, I've added a link to her blog on my sidebar.

She happens to be running a contest right now, and while my photography is amateur at best, it seems to be getting better every day, so I'll be sending my memories as should join in on the fun too! Directions for how to submit your entries can be found on the blog. And just a note - I've included the tips that inspired each shot just for your info:)

UPDATE: You can vote for my pics by liking them on Pinterest. They're the ones from (obviously:).

Entry 1: Moving beyond the traditional pose

Entry 2: Capturing the details

Entry 3: Getting behind them

Hold tight to those memories in whatever way you can! Happy Halloween:)

Trick or Treat

We'll be sporting brand new treat bags as we make our rounds this evening!

They were supposed to feature an applique monogram in the open space at the top. But, Belle can't seem to make up her mind which one she wants, so I figured this way we can trade as often as we need/want. Maybe next year I can add a pumpkin and a spider to jazz them up, but for now I quite like them as they are.

And have no sweet children will not have their long-term health sacrificed to the candy monsters! Oh no...the hubs and I will take care of eating most of that candy for them:) Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Little Something Cozy

A little birdie told me that it is supposed to be cold and rainy in the southeast this weekend. And that's music to my ears. There is nothing like a morning mist and nip in the air to get the blood flowing...and nothing like a warm sweater and a pair of comfy boots to warm the soul!

A while back I fell in love with this ball of alpaca from SpinUp Yarns. Ever since our visit to the Alpacas of Niagra farm last winter, I've had a bit of a soft spot for alpaca yarn. And gray is my go-to color in the colder months. I marked it as a favorite and proceeded to "visit" it every single day for weeks, sometimes several times a day. And finally, in a moment of weakness, I clicked, "Commit to Buy." And then the waiting began.

When the package finally arrived, I tore into and fell in love all over again. I cannot possibly describe how soft and squishy this hank of alpaca yumminess felt.

And since it was probably not acceptable to carry it around everywhere with me like a grown-up lovey, I began knitting immediately. I actually knit and reknit the same 20 or so rows 5 times, just so I could extend the experience a bit. The finished product is absolutely divine...truly! Maybe one of these days I can get someone to snap a pic while I'm snuggled in the cuddly depths of my new favorite accessory...

Because sometimes, you need a little something cozy to brighten your day!