Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This just makes me laugh!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wish Upon a...


I think I might have mentioned my fave online fabric store a few times...Above All Fabric. Well, in case you missed it, Melanie is fantastic! She has great sales, shipping is always $5 or less, the selection is super, and the points system is tip-top!

The options are endless! Here are a few of the things I'm drooling over right now....

And did I mention, that you can set up a wishlist to keep track of all the things you're drooling over!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Handmade Holiday Update

I'm slowly making progress on my gifts for the girls. I think I've spent more time brainstorming gifts for Bee than actually making anything. Belle was the ONLY grandchild on either side of our family before Bee was born. Calling her spoiled is possibly a bit of an understatement. Now that little Bee is here, there just doesn't seem to be anything that we don't already have. But, I finally had an epiphany...

Bee is fascinated with filling and spilling right now. Blocks, crackers, small stuffed birds...anything! So for Christmas this year everything will have a container, be in a container, and be spillable from that container. First...a Three Bears Play Set! Three soft, fuzzy bear balls in a box bearing the images of porridge, chairs, beds, and Goldilocks. Fill, spill, toss, cuddle....

Baby Bear is the first of the set. He's made with lovely, camel-colored alpaca fleece from Alpacas of Niagara. Belle and I were fortunate enough to visit with Diane at the Niagara Alpaca Shop while we were vacationing last week. Belle had a blast watching the animals in the field, and I had just as much fun (and maybe more) chatting about felting and fingering all the lovely gloves, hats, yarns, and toys available in the shop. But more on that visit later...

And I'm still working on the river fairy play set for Belle.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm here...

for a week! Taking a little break and hanging out with the family. Hope you have a great week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It's interesting to be on the other side of the Christmas rush...I always used to get a little freaked out when I started to see Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween was even over. Especially since I've moved to the South, we often start to see Santa Claus while we're still wearing shorts.

But now that I'm on the seller/blogger side of things, it starts even earlier! I took my first Christmas order in early October. And I know that moms are starting to shop for the perfect little outfits for holiday card photo sessions...I know, because I'm a mom doing that very thing.

So this year, I had to give in and start the Christmas madness before Halloween. I'm really hoping that by getting a jump start, I might actually have some down time to enjoy the holidays this year, but I'm realistic enough to know that will NEVER happen.

Belle + Bee is going with a MODERN HOLIDAY theme this year. Fresh takes on traditional colors and symbols. I'm having a lot of fun with this collection! The bright colors and bold prints make me smile:)

So here's a sneak peek at some of the first pieces. What do you think???

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

100!!! A Celebration and Giveaway:)

I can't believe this is my 100th post! In celebration I've put together a little round up of some of my favorite moments from the last several months. And as I was working on this post, I noticed a distinct absence of Bee. Poor thing is always getting left out:( So for the next 100, I'm going to try my best to include her a little more. It is getting easier since she is actually able to participate in things now!

And if you actually took the time to scroll through all those pics, then I have a tiny little giveaway today too:) The first person to get Belle + Bee 5 new followers on facebook or the blog (that's 5 different people) will win a custom designed t-shirt. I'll work with you to create something that your special little one will truly treasure! So go recommend Belle + Bee to your friends and family. Have them comment either on the Facebook page or on this post and let me know who sent them. First person to 5 wins:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Autumn Fairy Village

Belle picked out our pumpkin this year...a tremendously large, bumpy, WHITE pumpkin! When it came time to carve it, a plain old jack-o-lantern face just wouldn't do. This pumpkin called for something really special...a Fairy House!

Belle gathered a bucket full of natural items (twigs, acorns, leaves, pine needles, etc.)

We put our three heads (Mommy, Daddy, and Belle - poor Bee always sleeps through the all the fun) and came up with this amazing fairy village. Daddy was in charge of architecture. Mommy was in charge or architectural detail...and Belle was in charge of all things fanciful. Did you notice the flowerpots in the windows??? All Belle!!!

We were hoping that the warm glow and special creature comfort details we added (a pile of firewood, a soft moss door mat....) would attract some autumn fairies.

This morning we found this small bundle on the front porch next to the fairy village. Tied to the top was a tiny scroll with even tinier hand-writing. It was a thank you note for Belle from the Autumn Fairies: Scarlet, Maize, and Goldenrod.

And they made her this very special doll so she would know what they look like. They said they can only stay a few days, but we are hoping to exchange gifts with them again before they leave:)

Handmade Holiday Update

I have BIG plans for Belle's main Christmas gift this year...a complete River Fairy Play Set!

Our new land is on a beautiful mountain river and Belle loves to spend time there. She searches for the perfect stone, splashes in the water, and tells tales of the river fairies that must live there.

This is just a start, but so far I'm pleased with the process.

A basic, reversible play mat with a river running through the middle. Some large river stones. All wet felted.

And visions of fairies, houses, stools, and much, much more...