Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What has...

36 legs and flies???

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wrap It Up in 2012!

This is me asking you to cut me some slack...kay????

I dreamed up this great idea, but unfortunately it didn't hit mybrain until late in February. So...I'm getting a bit of a late start.

Anyway...introducing Wrap It Up in 2012!

My grand plan is try to put the finishing touches on some projects that are lingering in the stash and have been all but forgotten.

It all started when, one evening, I went looking for something to embroider. Did I have a project in mind? Nope! Did I need an embroidery project? Nope! Did I have a plan for what I might do with said embroidery project? Nope! All I had was a desire to do some hand-stitching.

As I began the process of pulling out supplies, I just happened to glance down and see this quilt top lying there...completely neglected. As it had been for months.

It wasn't embroidery, but it was hand-stitching. And I could use my giant quilting hoop, so it would feel like embroidery. And I do have a lovely collection of variegated perle cottons that would be sure to have some complimentary colors. And it would be nice to actually finish something for once.

So...I bundled it up, dug through my stuff to find the thimble (I'm picky about my thimbles and only use the leather coin kind that cost a fortune...it was imperative that I find it because I didn't want to have to pay for another), and scampered to the playroom closet to collect the quilting hoop.

A few hours later, I was happily ensconced in my hand-quilting when the idea of Wrap It Up in 2012 came to me. Why not try to finish up one project every month? It was already late February...and I did pick a MONSTER of a project to begin with, but it was doable. Right????

Ok, so I'm not 100% convinced that I will actually be able to tackle 12 projects this year, but I figure if I don't decided to hand-quilt every one of them then I might stand a chance....maybe!

So, keep your eyes peeled and you might just spot 12 completed projects this year, all pulled from my stash of WIPs. And you might also catch sight of a little Bee who isn't always the most helpful, but is most definitely always cute:)

And PS - this quilt originated from a charm pack that I won in a giveaway (Central Park by Kate Spain) and had no intended recipient, so it's listed in the shop if you're interested.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss a la Eric Carle

In honor of one of the world's most famous children's book authors, we started our day off on the right foot with green eggs and ham. I wasn't as creative as many of the others moms and teachers out there who actually took the time to make deviled eggs with green filling or fancy little candies that look like green eggs and ham...and definitely not those intricately iced cookies that are simply too gorgeous to eat...nope, I just dropped several drops of green food coloring into our scrambled eggs:) But the girls were thrilled...though Bee did give me several suspicious stares before she actually took a bite!

But then the fun really began! I'm not sure how it ever occured to me to combine the collage style of Eric Carle with the funky landscapes of Dr. Seuss, but alas it did and I had to suffer the consequences:)

An hour of painting patterns on paper...

A floor covered in wet paint all through the middle of the day...try keeping little fingers out of that!

A foray into the scenes of various Seuss books for ideas for horizon lines, trees, grass clumps, etc.

And then a pain-staking session of helping little hands to cut out all the fancy little shapes she had designed...

But, I think the results were worth it...

Don't you???

This "Seuss inspired landscape," as Belle describes it, is bound for the girls' bathroom wall. It was pointed out to me that there are no "decorations" in that room. And that, my friends, is completely unacceptable in Belle's world:)

I hope you have had a chance to celebrate the contributions of Dr. Seuss at some point in your day! Where would the world be without , in the words of Bee, "the Hat Cat?"