Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Autumn Fairy Village

Belle picked out our pumpkin this year...a tremendously large, bumpy, WHITE pumpkin! When it came time to carve it, a plain old jack-o-lantern face just wouldn't do. This pumpkin called for something really special...a Fairy House!

Belle gathered a bucket full of natural items (twigs, acorns, leaves, pine needles, etc.)

We put our three heads (Mommy, Daddy, and Belle - poor Bee always sleeps through the all the fun) and came up with this amazing fairy village. Daddy was in charge of architecture. Mommy was in charge or architectural detail...and Belle was in charge of all things fanciful. Did you notice the flowerpots in the windows??? All Belle!!!

We were hoping that the warm glow and special creature comfort details we added (a pile of firewood, a soft moss door mat....) would attract some autumn fairies.

This morning we found this small bundle on the front porch next to the fairy village. Tied to the top was a tiny scroll with even tinier hand-writing. It was a thank you note for Belle from the Autumn Fairies: Scarlet, Maize, and Goldenrod.

And they made her this very special doll so she would know what they look like. They said they can only stay a few days, but we are hoping to exchange gifts with them again before they leave:)


  1. Oh how cute! I have to say, your photography is beautiful! Feel free to throw any tips at us "photographically-challenged" individuals :)

  2. I can't believe all you did to these. And, Belle could sure collect great things! Too bad about Bee! Love TT

  3. Amazing work. All 3 of you did a wonderful job. Looks absolutely great. Nana

  4. OMG! The sweetest thing ever! I bet Cora wants them to stay in the fairy house "forever".