Monday, September 27, 2010

Making Do Monday - Shell Collecting Bag

First, let me apologize for skipping Making Do Monday last week. This is where I was...

Watching this...
And more of this...
And some of this...
So once again, I'm sorry!
But, at least I road-tested this week's project:)

Belle has a thing for bags...and HOARDING! So the night before we left for the beach, I thought she might like a new vessel for collecting shells. I raided the stash as usual and here's a quick how-to for a Shell Collecting Bag (or rock/leaf/flower/stick/gum wrapper/fabric scrap/ collecting...we've done it ALL!).
Finished Bag measures approximately 10"x12".
You will need:
Fabric Scraps
Cotton Quilt Batting Scraps
All seam allowances are 1/2" unless otherwise noted.
1. Cut pieces.
Outside: Cut two 10.5"x9.5" (top sections-Fabric A). Cut two 10.5"x3.5" (bottom sections -Fabric B).
Batting: Cut two 10.5"x13"
Inside: Cut two 10.5"x13.5" (Fabric C)
2. Make Outside Panels: Assemble one panel at a time. Sew one piece of Fabric A to one piece of Fabric B along 10.5" side. Press open. Top stitch close to seam. Place panel on one piece of batting. Be sure to line panel up with bottom edge of batting. Machine quilt in desired pattern. I simply stitched diagonal lines zigzagging back and forth across the panels. Repeat for second panel.
3. Assemble Outside: Place two panels right sides together and stitch down both sides and across bottom. Flatten corners and sew across to "box" the bottom of the bag. Clip excess fabric out of corner. IF YOU'VE NEVER "BOXED" THE CORNERS OF A BAG, YOU CAN SKIP THIS STEP...OR WAIT FOR A BOXED CORNER TUTORIAL COMING LATER THIS WEEK!
4. Assemble inside: Place two Fabric C panels right sides together. Sew down both sides and across bottom. Flatten corners and sew across to "box" the bottom. Be sure to sew at same distance from corner as you did for the outside. Clip excess.
5. Create straps: Cut two 3" wide LONG strips (I used remnants from my window treatments:). Drape these across your child (or yourself if you are making a bag for you) and cut them to the desired length. I left mine pretty long so the bag could grow with Belle. Place the strips right sides together and sew down both of the long edges. Turn strap right side out and press. Top stitch both edges.
6. Attach Strap: Place strap on one side of outer part of bag with right sides together and sew using 1/4" seam allowance. Flip strap to other side and repeat. If you pick the bag up by the handle you should be able to see what it will look like when it is finished. Be sure your strap isn't twisted!!!
7.. Assemble bag: Turn outer bag right side out and slip down inside inner bag. Right sides should be facing each other. Line up end seams and pin bags together all around top edge. Be sure strap is completely tucked down in between the layers. Sew around the edge leaving a 3" opening for turning. Turn bag right side out and stuff liner down inside outer bag. The liner is slightly taller than the outer bag so it should form a pretty little border almost like quilt binding around the top. Press a crease into this top edge. Fold the strap up into place and press well. Top stitch at top and bottom edges of liner border. You will be top stitching over the outside of your strap securing it in place.
DONE! Now go collect something:)


  1. Seems like no time since the "big" one was the size of the "little" one. Where has the time gone! TT

  2. Love it - the fabric is perfect. I just made my little hoarder a bag from HR's new spoonflower line (finally she made good boys fabric!) in the orange with newspaper boats. Not as cutely shaped as yours, I'm going to try this tute!

  3. Just found you-I think through Happy Chickadee? Great stuff-I will be back! I love this bag-can't wait to try it!