Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pips on a Roll...

The Pips and I have been on a roll! But, I do have a confession to make...I hoard fabric. When I get my hands on fabulous fabric, no project ever seems worthy of cutting into it. It sits there for weeks, months, even years...untouched. One of my goals for 2011 is to stop this ridiculous practice. Repeat after me, "Fabric is intended for use. Fabric is intended for use. Fabric is..."

So when the first set of Pips arrived, I immediately made these skirts. The fact that I started with charm packs definitely helped me begin to conquer my hoarding ways. There was no pristine yardage that had to be butchered. Just neat, little squares that were already cut for me.

But I'm no fool. I knew when that second charm pack arrived that it would be filed away for future use. I mean, this fabric hasn't even been released! How could I possibly use all of it???

Luckily, I've written down my sewing goals for 2011. A short list, in a prominent location, that must be faced every day. At the top of that list....STOP HOARDING!

So reluctantly, I planned out a few projects and got right to work.

I must admit, I'm really glad I didn't hoard these...and I even have a few left over for that "perfect" project down the road. But just a few, and I'm already making plans for them...I PROMISE!
And just to prove that I really am trying to rehabilitate myself, I'm not even going to hoard the finished products. Both of these will be for sale in my shop when it reopens on 1.4.11. Use the coupon code PIPS10 for 10% of any order.
2011 Sewing Goals:


  1. Like Grandma like Granddaughter! TT

  2. Totally hear you on the hoarding-awesome goal! Beautiful projects!!