Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Disaster...Oh, and a Skirt too!

Ok - Look closely just to the left of the skirt. Do you see the purple pen line on my microfiber sofa? Don't ask how it got there. Let's just say it had something to do with a one and a half year old and a slightly distracted Mommy trying to have a meeting in her house.


I've been afraid to try anything in fear of just making the mess worse. Advice??? PLEASE!

Oh yeah, and that's my new summer skirt. I used the tutorial on Anna Maria Horner's blog and her Pastry Line voile. Here are my tips:

1. You can see through the voile. I am planning to tuck a lining in once I find a fabric that is appropriate. I started to use a lightweight muslin because I had that on hand, but really...why use a gorgeous voile and then put stiff, scratchy muslin underneath it? So I left a bit of a lip on the waist band where I can tuck a lining in later. Not smart, I'm sure, but I was antsy to get the skirt finished and try it on and who knows how long it will be until I make it to a fabric store! I suppose I could always wear a slip...if I even own one!

2. The larger the width of fabric you use, the better your result will be. I had already used this piece of fabric to line an infinity scarf (wait - I don't think I've shown that to you yet! another day, I promise!), so I didn't have a full-width cut to start with. It's still cute as it is, but it just doesn't have the flounce that I was looking for. So plan for width...lots of it.

3. Um - Measure! I didn't measure or mark the elastic channels at the top because I'm a wing-it sort of gal. I ended up a little off and had to add some stitching below the elastic channels. You don't really notice it until I point it out to you, but if you're a perfectionist, go ahead and measure then you won't have to worry about that little imperfection. Me - like I said, I wing it:)

Overall, the skirt came together super fast (even including the time it took me to splice together elastice pieces so I would have enough to finish) and the result is adorable. I will definitely be making more of fact, I've already started picking out fabrics.

Now somebody tell me how to get the pen mark off my couch...PLEASE!


  1. Oh, the skirt is gorgeous! Do you think a solid voile would make a good lining? I have an AMH print & coordinating solid I've thought of making this with, but it seems like a waste of voile for the lining...
    good luck on the sofa! I have no idea... did you google it?

  2. I have no idea on the pen, but I am sure there is something. :) Great skirt--I'd love to wear that this spring!

  3. I just got pen out of a couch yesterday! I used my spray stain remover (for laundry) and a barely damp wash cloth. Spray the ink, and use your washcloth to scrub on it. It will take a few minutes, but my couch looks very similar to yours and it came out fine with no marks from my stain remover or the pen. Good luck!