Saturday, May 21, 2011

On the art of balancing...

Just a quick note to explain my absence...

Blogging is actually rather time's happy time, but time none-the-less. And recently, I've been considering the fact that I may spend so much time making things FOR my kids that I'm not actually spending that much time WITH my kids. And all though they are certifiably rotten...I kinda like 'em.

So today, Belle celebrated her 4th birthday with her friends. And the only thing that was homemade for her party were the husband made them. Yep, that's right. Plastic goodie bags from the party store filled with books and magnifying lenses and colored pencils, a ruffly dress from good ole Tarjay, pizza from the local Little Caesar's, and not a decoration in sight. And you know what? I think she had a great day. And even better than that...I had a great day. And even better than that...we had a great week leading up to the shindig!

So instead of sewing like a maniac for the last week to get everything ready, I played Candyland....lots of Candyland. And I think I'm ok with that. And I'm pretty sure Belle is too.

Balancing all the various parts of your life is a challenge. It just is. So if I go missing for days on end, just know that I'm probably stuck in the Licorice Forest or maybe visiting Gramma Nut. And don't worry, I'm sure to turn up again soon:)


  1. Happy fourth birthday to mama and Belle! (:

  2. You are still a great Mother even if you don't make everything. I'm sure Belle loves when you play Candyland with her. TT

  3. Love all of you so much. Can hardly wait to see you. I am sure Belle had a great time at her party. Better yet, you did also. Looking forward to spending Belle's actual BD with all of you. See you soon. Mom

  4. Good for you! It is so much more important to enjoy yourself on a special day like that than it is to stress out about all of the handmade details. Keeping it simple sounds like a good way to go. :)

    And, yay! for Candyland!