Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Belle!

It's been so long since I've posted here that I almost forgot my password! Have no fear, I've been just as crafty as ever. And more busy than normal. Hence, the FIVE SD cards full of pics that haven't been dealt with. Combine that with a laptop that is on its last legs, and well...lots of crafts, just not much evidence!

Somewhere along the way in all the madness of this spring and summer, my little Belle turned 5! And we just met her new kindergarten teacher this afternoon. She's on a year round calendar, so she'll start kindergarten on MONDAY! I just can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that the 19" baby I brought home from the hospital is now in elementary school. YIKES!

And thanks to a friend and former colleague of mine, we actually have pictures of her birthday party! Hop on over to Furnished Photography and check out Katherine's amazing might have seen her around here before:) She's been taking pics of my babies since Bee was born and for good reason...she's AWESOME!

So...about the party.

We had a Tea Party just for the girls. I forgot to pull out an invitation when Katherine was taking pics so I can't show you one, but I found a cute little saying and printed it on an image of a vintage hanky. Then I mounted the invite on cardstock and wrapped it in a paper doily and tied it with a ribbon...super cute I assure you:)

I spent six months scouring thrift stores, flea markets, and craft fairs to find enough vintage tea cups, saucers, table linens and hankies for everyone. And I scored a load of vintage tea pots, serving trays, doilies, and additional linens during a last minute trip to my husband's grandfather's house. All the doilies except the really brightly colored ones (a Michaels dollar bin find) were made by Belle's great-grandmother who passed away long before she was born. I think Grandma Ollie would more than approve!

My MIL gets the credit for the amazing party tent...she found it in a Big Lots advertisement a couple of weeks before the big day. It's a monster, but so perfect for a family of little girls!

Fabric buntings made from the stash, giant tissue paper flowers, and balloons made it festive.

Play tea sets provided some party entertainment.

An old high school friend of my husband's was my baker...strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing and strawberries on top, made exactly to the birthday girl's order, were so delicious.

I made Belle's dress and let me tell was quite an ordeal! There are FOUR full yards of fabric on that tiny little child! I wish I could share the pattern link with you, but I originally found it on pinterest and now can't locate where I pinned it...somehow it has disappeared or I've gone crazy. And I've searched and searched the internet to relocate it and can't find it that way either. I don't have access to the paper pattern at the moment, but I will track it down eventually and share it with you. The pattern was actually really easy to follow considering how complicated the final product appears. But, I HATE ruffles. I mean really HATE them and if you can't tell there are 5 of them on that bad boy. UGH! But Belle was positively in love with her dress, so it was all worth it. Kind of like a wedding huh? It's all about the dress:)

Smaller versions of the vintage hanky images made place cards.

Tea pots and cups held flowers from our was a bit of slim pickings because many of the flowers that matched our color scheme were fading, but our hydrangeas were in full bloom so we were able to make it work without having to buy any flowers...yay!

And a totally strawberry menu...lemonade with fresh strawberry puree, fake strawberry macarons (two Nilla wafers sandwiched with strawberry icing), strawberry cream cheese tea sandwiches, freshly picked strawberries...and I couldn't help throwing in a bowl of blueberries just for variety. They were NOT part of the approved menu, but Belle let it slide:)

She was having too much fun to see a rebel berry in the bunch!

And somehow we managed to make it through the entire party without a single broken cup!

It wasn't very dainty, but even Bee was able to handle her china:)

Belle, of course, rocked the tea pinky!

Colored pencils and some printable paper dolls entertained the girls as the party was winding down.

Tea cups, saucers, and hankies were wiped and tucked into bags and sent home with all our guests.

The memories of Belle's tea party will definitely be treasured for years to come. It was truly unforgettable!

Now let's hope it was enough to get me off the hook for big fancy parties for a few years:) I love you, Belle-a-boo!


  1. what a lovely little girl party. the dress pattern is Violette Field Threads' Emmaline Maxi:

    I have the same pattern but in pdf and have been wanting to sew it for a while.

  2. Wow - can i come play at your house?!?!? Talk about fantastic. Cheers, Karen

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