Monday, July 5, 2010


And double oops...

I started making Belle an adorable little outfit featuring a tall, skinny house stamp from

I began with the top...a modification of a dress pattern that I have used several times in the past, shortened to be a swingy tunic top and jazzed up with a stamped patch. I used one of Belle's t-shirts to measure the length of the top. I put the top together and then went to try it on Belle to measure the strap length...and then, "Oh my, is that your tummy???" I won't go in to the details, but I measured to top to be put together one way, and then put it together a different way. I'm pretty sure that my 3 year old doesn't need a new belly shirt, so we clearly had a problem. OOPS!

Luckily, Belle came to the rescue...sort of. What I left out above was that during the entire fitting and belly viewing, Belle kept repeating, "Mommy, this isn't a shirt. It's a skirt. This isn't a shirt, it's a skirt...." Well, ok...maybe it is. And I actually like it better as a skirt now that I see it...thanks Belle!

So, now we have a pair of pants on the sewing table, that were intended to match the top that is now a skirt. Easy solution...make another top. This time I decided to make a basic tunic top...minus the belly exposure. A few minutes later we tried on the new top. After less than an hour of wearing the new top, Belle was complaining that it was hurting. She directed me to the site of the pain...under her arms. Apparently I should have measured those straps instead of guessing on the length, because they were way too short. Off goes top #2...I promise I'll fix those straps after the girls are in bed tonight...DOUBLE OOPS!

But this time, Bee to the rescue! We decided to head to the outlet mall for the afternoon, but Bee was way overdressed for the hot NC sun. As we headed upstairs to find something light and breezy, we passed by the abandoned top #2, hmmmm....

PERFECT...Bee has a new dress! Those straps were just the right length for her chubby little arms:) And you know what? I like this one better as a dress too! (Sorry no pic of Bee in her was outlets then bed for the little one!)

Thanks girls and don't you just love elastic??? How else could two children more than 2 years apart wear the same piece of clothing on the same day?

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