Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Keeping Belle entertained all day in the heat is getting be to quite a challenge. Thankfully, I keep pretty close tabs on what is happening over at Jean is full of great art ideas for small children...and they're simple. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive materials. You can usually modify any project with things you have around the house.

We tried out her splatter painting idea...and her tip of hitting the backyard pool as soon as you are finished:)

I mixed some old acrylic paints with water to thin them.

We put a large piece of muslin in the grass and started to flick, spray and splat.

Tons of fun...really colorful toes...and a pretty piece of fabric! Now to decide how to use that fabric...any ideas???


  1. If I had done this it would not look so artistic. It would look like a bunch of splatters. TT

  2. I suggest a painting apron for Cora. She can wear a piece of her own art as she makes more art.