Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections and Predictions

At the beginning of 2011, I skipped the resolutions and just went with a few sewing goals:

2. Return to my quilting roots.
3. Closures.

So, how'd I do??? Pretty darn well on two out of three...and so-so on the third.

I definitely returned to my quilting roots, churning out numerous doll quilts, part of a quilt for Belle's bed (yep - still unfinished and still not in a big bed...Mama is TOTALLY ok with that!), most of a Christmas quilt, and a few crib size quilts pieced and waiting for quilting. CHECK!

Closures - got it! I LOVE zippers! And while they aren't nearly as much fun, buttons are cool too.

Hoarding - Well...I did raid my stash on numerous occasions. And that would result in a decreased quantity of stashed fabric...IF I didn't keep stashing. Oh well!

Now, while you sympathize with that poor pitiful creature with the ear infection down there, I'm throwing in my two-cents on the Sew Mama Sew end of year reflections and predictions questionnaire.

Looking back at the 2011 sewing scene, what trends stand out in your mind?

A return to hand-stitching, novelty kid prints that aren't so childish, and a vintage feel to quilts, apparel etc.

What were some of your favorite things related to sewing this past year?

I fell in love with pre-cuts. I know these aren't anything new or earth shattering, I just haven't really used them all that much before. I think I always felt a little limited by the I would want more of the really fantastic fabrics that I discovered in that little bundle of mystery. But this year, I began to appreciate having a piece of every fabric in a collection...even if just a tiny slice. I began to love the complete-ness of the concept.

Are there any trends you are over and done with?

Gray! Ok - not gray in and of itself...because what would I wear everyday if I didn't start with a base of gray??? I mean, gray as THE neutral for quilting. It's almost like you aren't cool if your quilt uses white, or (GASP) ivory! It's just been way overplayed in the last two years. Which is sad for me because I simply love it.

What do you predict for the 2012 sewing industry?

Orange. And a focus on really small scale prints. And a surge of bloggers using video tutorials to teach sewing classes to the masses. But also, a pull back from the blog world. As our sewing has seemed to head back to earlier traditions, I'm thinking that we may begin to distance ourselves from our technology a bit too. Not completely, but, as Belle says, "just a smidge."

And what to expect from me in 2012?

NOTHING! That way I can't disappoint right??? Actually, I have two sewing goals for 2012...NO MORE FABRIC! and let's finish some of this mess up already:) So hopefully, you'll be seeing some projects revisited and some massive quantities of fabric being used! And one small caveat - If I must purchase fabric to complete a previously abandoned project then that will be acceptable...but only if it be deemed absolutely necessary:)

Enough of my rambling already...go ring in the New Year with someone you love!

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  1. Great post! I feel the same way about pre-cuts and gray (love it, but it seems so unoriginal). Hope the little one is better soon. Happy new year!