Sunday, February 5, 2012

Easter Swap Project Inspiration #4: Fabric Eggs Tutorial and Pattern

Hello sewers! Is that a word? Seamstress sounds so...I don't know...official. Like you have a little tailor's shop somewhere. But I never can seem to find the right word to describe people like me...oh well!

Another great Easter toy swap inspiration for you! Or just a simple spring sewing project if you prefer:)

I went searching for a pattern for fabric eggs and found this fantastic tutorial/pattern over at Retro Mama. It is really well written, and has tons of pics to explain each step along the way. Whether you are swapping or not, I think you will be excited to add this to your growing list of must make projects. I can see these in bright springy prints for Easter, but also in various shades of natural, brown, or even light blue linen or possibly wool felt to be added to your play food collection. YUM!

And while you're over at Retro Mama, be sure to spend a little time browsing around. Her patterns are gorgeous (just love Ruthie Bear!) and she has some other super sweet tutorials - you're just going to flip for her little houses, I know it:) And you just might find her somewhere else....

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