Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello Hearts!

Belle actually counts down to her birthday using major holidays. After Christmas, we have to get through New Year's, Valentine's Day, a few family birthdays, Easter and Mother's Day before she gets another round of excessive numbers of presents. Strange calendar system, I know. But her favorite questions are, in this order: When? In the morning? Is that tomorrow? It can really drive one up the wall:) Needless to say, on January 1 she is ready to haul out the hearts. Let's get a move on...there's a birthday waiting for me at the end of this endless parade of holidays!

I held her off as long as I could, but we've been playing with felt Valentines for about 2 weeks now. And there have been heart shaped cookies coming out of the tiny wooden oven in the corner of our kitchen for even longer than that.

Here are just a few of the Valentines crafts that have been seen around these parts recently.

The felt Valentine set didn't last long in the Etsy shop, but have no fear...there are tons of these little things floating around our house:)

And this little guy has just captured my heart! I designed this new Bowling Pin Doll pattern especially with toddlers in mind. It's neck is just right for little hands to grab hold of, and the lack of dangling limbs means that even the roughest round of tug-o-war won't amputate any body parts. This was the prototype for the pattern and I think it turned out pretty well...just like a bowling pin. I'll be trying it out with a different head shape soon:)

And finally, how can you bake heart shaped cookies without an adorable play apron??? I picked up this vintage Valentine print by Kokka at a local quilt market a couple of weeks ago. The ticking and chambray came from my stash, but I think they are pretty much a perfect complement. This apron is in the shop for now, but someone is NOT very happy about that. She has plotted any number of attempts to commandeer it from the sewing room. So far I've managed to stay one step ahead of her, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she's just letting me think that I have her number:) We'll see how long it lasts!

What Valentine crafts are you whipping up this year?


  1. Hi

    You have a bowling pin doll I would to get the pattern for. My husband is a PBA bowler.

  2. Happy to try to's a pattern I sketched, but have not published. You're a no-reply commenter though, so I can't email to you...just leave an email address and I'll try to dig it up and send it to you:)