Monday, January 30, 2012

Liebster Award

This evening I found out that my "old" friend, Courtney, had received a Liebster award over at Mon Petit Lyons. Old as in, "of long ago", not actual age!!! I think I was roughly half my current age when I met her in or minus a couple of years:) I was especially honored that she then passed the award along to me!

So what is it???

The Liebster is a blog-land award for us little guys. It's just a way to throw a sliver of spotlight on the smaller blogs out there in craft land.

And this I borrowed directly from Courtney...Liebster means beloved, favorite, dearest in German. Who knew? So now it's my turn to spread the love.

Here are the rules:
* choose 5 up and coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers
* mention them on my blog
* send them a message and let them know that they've been honored

1. First up, is a lovely lady who I "met" in a round about way through the blogland. I think we first connected via Handmade Holiday, but I honestly can't remember. She's an amazing knitter and has blessed my home with numerous toys that my girls simply adore. She's also the one who inspired me to give knitting another try. Let's hear it for Melissa at Wild Faerie Caps!

2. Next up is a professional photographer who just happens to craft on the side. Seriously! How does she manage it? Her quilts are amazing and you can bet that the pics on her blog are out of this world. Now run, don't walk, but haul tail over to see the stupendous quiet book she made for her daughter's birthday (and she might be just a bit hard on herself with that one!). Put your hands together for Traci at Stolen Moments!

3. The clothes...ACK! They are too cute! That was the draw that led me to follow our next award winner. And the patterns make it super simple to have the same serious cuteness for your own little one. Her new dress pattern makes me squeal...let's send some love to Becky at Owly Baby! And, no, I don't just like her because of her name:)

4. Prepare to be amazed! The dolls on this next blog completely blow my mind! They've inpsired me to begin drafting a new doll pattern with more 3D construction (gussetts, gussetts, and more gussetts, oh my!). Let's make some noise for Bybido!

5. And last, but not least...this Happy Find came to me through Kids Clothing Week Challenge and some random flickr browsing. I fell in love with a super cute little skirt that she made for her daughter and began to blog stock her almost immediately. Let's give a shout out to Venus. Now she can be your Happy Find too!

Please go visit these lovely ladies...and pop in and say hello to Courtney too. She has a Valentine's Day week coming up soon that you don't want to miss! Be sure to let them know that you heard great things about them, and maybe click that Follow button to keep in touch with them:)

Have a great week!


  1. Wow! Thanks so much - what an unbelievably sweet thing to wake up to this morning. (:

  2. Weeee!!! Thank you so much, Becky for the lovely award! :) I am truly honored. Thank you and a BIG hug to you!!!!

  3. Congrats on your award too, its such a nice warm fuzzy feeling to get one isn't it, it really made my day.

  4. finally getting around to checking out your blog from courtney's post :) and i see a few others that i know!! how fun.

  5. Hi. I found your blog through Rachael's (imagine gnats) sponsorship swap button and love this idea. I have added your button to my blog. Hope to see you there.