Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sewing Space Spruce Up is Under Way!

Once upon a time a young couple created a nursery for their first born bairn. It was decorated in gender neutral crayon brights and featured adorable small-child-style accessories. Over the years this room was filled with snuggles and gurgles and tiny diaper changes. Then as time passed it underwent a slight metamorphosis...into a playroom, full of tiny toddler toys and the same small-child-style trappings.

But the family grew, and the children grew and it just didn't seem to get the use and love that it had once enjoyed. So, again, changes were made. A trampoline, some fairy dolls, and lots of art supplies were added. But the children didn't like to play alone, and the mother wanted to be able to create along side her budding little artists. So more changes were made. A sewing table, some shelves, and handy fabric storage made the space functional, but it lacked visual appeal for school-aged children and a 30-something mom.

And so a spruce up began. It started with some small accessories, and expanded with fresh new wall art.

The little yellow room felt so lucky to have its family back.

And the family felt so lucky to have this special space where they could create together. They promised to continue to make that little yellow room a magical place where they would want to spend hours together over the years.

And they all lived happily ever after...THE END!

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