Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Sewing Kit - Posy

I've been hexie-addicted recently (maybe I should say "readdicted" since this isn't my first ride in the hexie rodeo). You see, I have to have one upstairs and one downstairs project going at all times. The one upstairs is for the machine and is used to fill any unspecified sewing know, the times when there's nothing pressing that has to get out the door yesterday. The one for downstairs has to be a hand-sewing project. It's what I do when my husband is watching tv after the girls are in bed. At this time of year I prefer to do a little (or a lot) of hand-quilting. Unfortunately, I spent a couple of weeks spinning my wheels trying to get something ready for hand quilting, but I just couldn't get anything that would take more than one evening ready to go between all the other things that were on my table.
So, I was digging around in the notions closet looking for something, and I accidentally knocked off my basket of charm packs and squares. Of course, eveything tumbled out all over the floor. I spent a good twenty minutes sifting through (and petting) all the I Spy charms and various thing I had collected over the last few years, when I saw them...a massive stack of 2.5" squares that I had acquired in a swap about a year and a half ago. I had stuck them in with the larger charms and completely forgotten about them!

Five minutes of printing and 3 sheets of cardstock later, I was set with a hand-stitching project that had to last more than a single night. And it might have...if I hadn't also been in need of a hand-stitching project for the carpool line. That one has to be something small that fits easily in my front seat while we sit waiting to pick up Belle every afternoon. But...between tv time and carpool time, I made pretty short work of the charm stack.

So, I raided the charm basket again, this time looking for 5" charms that could be chopped in fourths and would make lovely hexies. That's when I found two Posy charm packs and began to have visions of Easter table runners filling my head. I pulled one of the packs out and starting whacking away (ok - more like rotary slicing away, but whacking sounded more exciting).

42 x 4...168. 168 hexies Posy hexies added at least another couple of days to my hand-stitching project that I thought would go on for weeks.

And yes, a table runner and possibly even a wall hanging are in the plans using both the hexies and the remaining charm pack. But, 168 is a whole lot of hexies. And even after laying out the table runner and wall hanging I still had quite a few hexies and 5" squares left over. It seemed a shame to let them linger in the basket, so a couple of them found a new home in a spring sewing set. As I have no ACTUAL need for a sewing set at this moment in time, I popped it up in the shop. But, it's kind of one of those things that you know you need to let go of, but it turned out so well that you just really don't want have those kinds of projects too, right???

She's just so springy and pretty...maybe she'll bring someone else a little smile this spring and then I can feel better about letting her go:)

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  1. such a sweet little set! I haven't been bitten by the hexie bug yet... but then I can't afford to be. I'm the same as you, I have an upstairs project and about 50 million downstairs projects (some handsewing, embroidery, cross stitch, crewel work, embroidery, bead weaving...) and I don't have room for a hexie project in there!