Thursday, April 25, 2013

Covert Robin and Some News

I played along with the Covert Robin swap again this year. I was treated to a beautiful quilted pillow cover, which you will not see pictured here. I took some pics of it, but when I sat down to edit them this evening they were all blurry and out of focus. I'll need to get some more someday soon!
But my contribution to the swap was this quilt. It's 32" square and was designed to be used either as a table scarf or a wall hanging...but its recipient is welcome to use it however she pleases. I'm sure a snuggly cat would be happy to claim it, or a doll, or maybe even a child. Amy at displayed a Women in Scripture button on her blog and it was Easter time, so I thought she might like this. Pop over and take a look...she's taking the kids clothing week challenge and she makes some seriously cute clothes!
So what's the big news??? Nope...not pregnant! And not gonna be:) Bee sealed the deal on that one...she's more than I can handle!
It seems I find myself once again gainfully employed...full-time! Yikes! I think I've probably mentioned once or twice that back in the dark ages I was a teacher. I taught 2nd and 3rd grades, reading intervention, and was a literacy coach. I've been home with Belle and Bee for the last 4 years and loved every...ok, most minutes of it. But when there was an opening for a literacy coach at Belle's school, it just seemed like it was meant to be. I've been back at work for 3 weeks and am really enjoying it. There is some adjustment going on behind the scenes around here, but generally everyone except Bee is happy about it. Bee is spending her days with her Nana and TT (that's her great-aunt) and really likes that part...she's just not too happy about the absent Mommy part. But, I am already feeling like I enjoy the time I spend with her more because it isn't so endless. So I think eventually she will start to see that Mommy is a brighter, happier person with some structure and professionalism in her life...fingers crossed!
I'm still sewing though not quite as much, still cooking though not for quite so many hours, and still crafting, gardening, and lovin on my littles. I'm in a couple of swaps this spring and have joined in a couple of challenges through our local Modern Quilt Guild. I'm even mostly keeping up with my Block of the Month clubs. I'll try to keep you updated...the real challenge is not having much of a chance to take pics during daylight hours. may be grainy pics and less frequent posting, but we'll stay in touch:)


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