Monday, April 8, 2013

Good Customer Service Goes a Long Way

No pictures today as my SD card is completely full and I'm too intimidated by the thought of trying to go through and edit all those gazillion pics to even begin...just a little public service announcement.

I really appreciate good customer service...not the follow you around the store stalking a sale kind...just good old fashioned making the customer feel good about the experience and resolving any issues that might arise. So when I find good customer service I like to share that info, so you all can experience it too.

In the last month or so, I have had two issues come up while shopping online with the Gap know, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap, Athleta, and Piperlime. One was totally my fault, the other theirs. Both were resolved within 24 hours with no more than a quick email from me to report the issue. No questions asked, no hassle given, just a prompt, polite the customer's favor.

In the first, I applied a coupon code, but then went back and edited the contents of my cart. After the edits I didn't take the time to ensure that the coupon code was still wasn't. My bad! I emailed customer service and they applied the discount retroactively and credited my credit card the was substantial. Pleased was I.

In the second issue, one item in a different order was shipped separately and never arrived at my house. Again...another quick email and within 24 hours they had credited my card...sadly the item was no longer available so they couldn't reship it. Pleased was I...again!

So...while this post is incredibly uncute, without so much as a tiny preschool grin to spruce it up, I hope the info serves you well. Because good customer service really does go along way!

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