Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Tees

It's a baby tee bonanza at our house!

I have become so tired of seeing the same butterflies, flowers, and trucks on all the baby clothes in the world. I cannot bring myself to understand why babies always have to wear pastels. And I refuse to admit that there are only 5 colors acceptable for the under 1 crowd.

I've been working on baby tees all morning and thought I would share some pics and a pattern with you. I LOVE the veggie tees in the pic. They are bold, energetic, and fun!

The pattern is for a mushroom tee. Ours will feature red mushrooms with white spots, but you could use any fun color combo you like. The pattern includes a pic of the complete design as well as all the pieces you need to create it.

These tees are made using the same process that was posted earlier (see the skull and crossbones), so if you're in the mood...give it a shot, and please share some pics of your finished products!

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