Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look At Me Go!

I'm determined to keep up with the Style Stitches Bag Challenge this year! So here is my Cosmo bag:)

My Quick Pattern Review: This bag is listed as EASY, and there has been a lot of discussion on the Flickr group about whether or not it is actually "easy." Here's my opinion...The pattern is listed as EASY, not BEGINNER. And I think that is pretty much accurate. The bag construction is pretty standard, the instructions are well written, and discounting the 6 million years you will spend putting interfacing on each piece, it actually comes together pretty quickly. HOWEVER, if you are a beginner you WILL struggle with this bag. Why??? Because it is constructed with a large number of curved seams. So here's my tip for you...don't pin the curves! Just gently work the two edges together as you sew. It's really much easier that way, but you do have to go slowly! Another note - if you are accustomed to following online tutorials or PDF patterns that have a picture of every single step, reading this pattern may be a challenge as well. It's just a different style of presenting the directions, so take your time and read carefully. Overall - if you have some time, this bag is a great project...especially if you want some practice sewing curved seams or you need a facial (there sure is a lot of steam involved in all that interfacing!).

You can see more of my bag on Flickr.

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  1. Love the bag! Such fun fabric . . . great tip on the curved seams!