Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Frances

Frances is a girly-girl! She loves twirly skirts, gigantic hair bows, and the occasional sparkly bauble. Her quick wit and slightly sarcastic humor make her the center of attention on the playground. She prefers chatting with her friends and soaking up the sun to running around and getting her clothes dirty...though she has been known to scale a tree or two for the best vantage point on the toddler scene.

She frequently wears her name or initials emblazoned on her clothing, though no one really needs to read it...EVERYONE knows who Frances is!

She has a passion for vintage goodies and goes positively gaga over a perfect floral print on amazingly soft cotton.

The youngest of three girls, Frances knows how to gain the spotlight, but also how to avoid it when necessary. She has been know to entertain her family for hours with her sparkling personality, but occassionally she seems to be invisible, slipping in and out of the action with a skill that every cat envies. And that usually means she's up to no good.

I hope Frances's new best friend has as much fun playing with her as I had making her!

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  1. Sounds a lot like Belle! Love you. TT