Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bottled Rainbows Block 1

Here's my first block for the Bottled Rainbows Ticker Tape Quilt Along!

I started with the mustard (which isn't really all that mustardy) because that seemed to be the color that I had the most of...odd since, I rarely use yellow.
I opted to use just a straight stitch around each scrap. I really like the raw edge look (and the fact that my machine is currently having a zigzag stitch malfunction had nothing to do with that decision what so ever!).
I also chose to not do a "quilt as you go" method. I've done that on several projects before and it does make everything go faster, but it just didn't feel right on this one. I think I will do some hand quilting with my new obsession, DMC perle! But, I haven't yet decided how I will do it...something to think about when I can't sleep:)
And I couldn't finish this post without a HUGE thank you to my friend, Courtney! She so generously supplemented my scrap stash for this quilt...and sent some super amazing fabrics in the package. Everything from Heather Ross to Anna Maria Horner. She's the BEST! The background scoop: Courtney and I met in college and are somewhat kindred spirits. We are both stay-at-home moms who love to run and sew. Hop over to Mon Petit Lyons and say hello to her! She has some really fantastic recipes, ideas and tutorials on her blog. And she has two boys to match my two girls, so she can share the other side of the parenting story:) Thanks, Courtney!


  1. Nice work! I'm also just one block down, 15 to go. :)

  2. Great start on the quilt! Glad you got my package, it was fun to put it together!