Monday, March 28, 2011

Might as well bag it...

SO...about that Style Stitches Bag Challenge. Not looking so good for me:( But, I did manage to FINALLY finish February's bag! And this one definitely qualifies as EASY!

The patterns in the book are supposed to get progressively more difficult...except I think they might have gotten things a bit out of order. This one was MUCH easier than the Cosmo bag that we made in January. So that begs the question, "Why did it take you so long to finish it, Becky???"

I have no excuse. Well, actually I have about a million excuses, but nobody really wants to hear them:)

If you need a bag large enough to carry a small child, then I highly recommend this project. The directions are clear, the steps are simple, and aside from a lot of time spenting steaming interfacing it is actually a pretty quick pattern. But, I'm not kidding when I say it is large enough to carry a small child! This thing is HUGE! If you filled it with overdue library books it would take an 18-wheeler to pull it. And somehow we always have enough overdue library books to fill a bag of this size...maybe I should sign off and hurry to the library!

And as for March's collection of small zippered pouches...don't hold your breath! But maybe things will look up for April:)


  1. Becky, I love it. The colors you picked are great. I could certainly use it as a teaching bag here in China... they have bags here but the quality is terrible. I thought about sewing my own from your inspiration... but no sewing machine and too lazy to do it by hand... so I will pick another hobby :-)

  2. It just doesn't get any better than those church flowers from Nicey Jane! I love it, who cares if it's late - it's perfect!