Friday, March 18, 2011

Not on the walls...

That's the mantra around here these days!

I know you can't compare one child to the next. It isn't fair and it won't work. But in this case, I just can't help but do it. It's just so telling about life in this house. Belle has never colored on the walls...not once! And she has had pretty much unlimited access to crayons, markers, oil pastels, etc. since she could hold them. Bee...well it took about 30 seconds. She picked up that first crayon and before I could blink there were huge orange scribbles all over our kitchen wall.

So for now, we color only while strapped into the booster seat. But she does love this toy! It is made by Crayola and plays music at the same tempo as your coloring. Color faster and the music speeds up...pretty fun:) If you have little ones who like music and like to color, it's definitely great for rainy days.


  1. My oldest didn't color on the walls until he was six - I still have no idea why he put x's in the kitchen. My middle son has scribbled on every wall in the house (literally. I'm serious. From where I'm sitting I can see black, red, orange, and green). My youngest is too young. I'm hoping for a comfortable "in the middle" with him. (:

  2. Kiley did this to me the other day - on the wall we just painted. I feel your pain. (P.S. The crayons are now kept out of reach.)