Sunday, May 16, 2010

Children's Mystery Quilt Challenge - BEGINNER!

This one is for my quilting buddies...we've been scattered by jobs, marriages, and kids over the last few years, but I still love you all! AND in honor of G's bundle of joy arriving in October, what better way to celebrate than a kid-sized mystery quilt!

This mystery quilt will be completed in 3 steps (one per month June, July, August). The directions are SUPER SIMPLE, and this is considered a BEGINNER quilt. You won't know what the completed project will look like until the third month...that's the MYSTERY. Here's the shocker...this quilt is pieced on the MACHINE! Those of you who know me know that I think machine quilting is akin to burning the Mona Lisa, but since I have yet to convert the rest of the human race to hand-quilting, I will relent on this one. The bonus to machine piecing this project is that each step is not only simple, but also FAST. This quilt is not an all-consuming, time-intensive project.

So who should sign up???
* first time quilters with basic sewing machine knowledge
* busy mamas who want to quilt but are strapped for time
* expectant moms looking to create a hand-made gift for their baby while they still have the time
* experienced quilters looking for an easy breezy summer project
* my mom simply because she loves me:)...and don't forget my other mother because she only pieces on the machine!
* my much-loved quilting buddies (it's like an online reunion...and we should have dinner together to show off our finished projects!)
* all my teacher friends who are going to get bored this summer (you really don't want to have to turn to unit-planning by the end of June, just because you're bored to tears!)
* parents looking to introduce their child to machine sewing...yes even kids can do this one (as long as you are supervising their machine time)!
* ANYONE looking for a fun way to spend a few hours this summer

Are you considering signing up for the challenge??? Then here are the specifics:
* finished quilt size approximately 45"x60" - the perfect size for babies and children (or as a lap quilt if you want to keep it for yourself)
* 2 color quilt (the entire project will be made from 2 contrasting fabrics)
* machine pieced, so you'll need access to a sewing machine

To join the challenge, please comment below and let me know that you are in. I will post buying info toward the end of May, so that you will have plenty of time to buy fabric before the first installment in June. [And I know most of you will want to send me an email instead of commenting here, but please take the time to post here so we'll all know whose along for the ride! Thanks!]


  1. Hey, I'm all in! Now that I've done the dress and the purse I need something else to work on!!!

  2. Your "other Mother" who only pieces on the machine is in! Trying to think of what 2 colors I might want to use.

  3. The mom who loves you is in. Maybe I will make something for myself to celebrate my retirement. Unlike some of your teacher friends, I plan to never write another unit/lesson plan in my life. Wonder what 2 colors I will pick?

  4. I should attempt this so I have a "safe" place quilt for the girls when they come over to the house. I guess I need to get a machine!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm in also. This will be my first quilt. Looking so forward to making this.