Thursday, May 27, 2010

It Takes Longer to Unmake Them...

Just ask me...because I know!

I have a rule that I never sew anything important when I'm tired. At 10:00 pm, my brain turns to mush. I can, and do, sew A LOT after 10, but only things for my own children and never anything on a deadline. So tonight when I sat down at 8pm to begin making Belle's birthday outfit for her party this weekend, I thought I was in the clear. Surely I could whip up a pair of ruffled capris and a refashioned tee in under 2 hours, and maybe still have time for a headband before I turned into a pumpkin. Right???

Well...let's just say there's now a second clause to that rule. Never sew anything important (or time-sensitive) when STRESSED! I guess I didn't mention earlier, that not only is Belle celebrating her 3rd birthday (where did the time go???) with a backyard full of preschoolers, but Bee is being baptized, and 3 far-flung families will be in town for the festivities. Oh...and did I forget to tell you that my MIL is getting married next the beach...and I'm in charge of the rehearsal dinner and the flower girl?

There is more than one pesky detail bouncing off the walls of my over-taxed brain right now, but there I sat at 8pm, completely convinced that this project would go off without a hitch. Huh!

About 3/4 of the way into the capris, I realized that something just wasn't quite matching up. I've used this pattern many times with much success, but tonight it was wonky. The curves were out of sync, and the seams were making this funny pucker when I tried to force them together. Low and behold, I discovered that I had sewn the fronts upside down onto the backs. It just so happened that when I shortened the pattern to make capris, the inseam turned out to be exactly the same length as the crotch seam. I had flipped them without even knowing.

Now if I hadn't been using my favorite fabric...which just happens to be OOP, I probably would have junked the pants and started over. But I do love Darcy, and she is hard to find, and...well, I couldn't do it. I pulled out the seam ripper and set to work. And now, I can testify to the fact that it does take longer to UNMAKE a pair of pants than it does to MAKE them.

Oh, and that tee and headband...they went just about as well as the pants, but we're finally ready for Saturday (and I'm ready for bed!). I'll share pics of the entire outfit (and maybe a tee refashion tutorial) after the party...just don't look too closely, ok?


  1. I am writing here in your comment section because I don't see a different way of contacting you. I just read your post on maya*made and want to see the castle playground you and hubby made last weekend. Will be posting about that here?

  2. We have the basic construction finished and are ready to add the finishing touches that will make it unique to our girls. I hadn't thought about posting here, but that is probably a pretty good idea. I'll get my husband to help me out with a construction post after our big birthday party weekend. The details are my specialty, so that will follow too:)

  3. Oh, goodie! Thanks for sharing the details about the playground. Here's hoping your weekend party is a joy for everyone.