Friday, May 21, 2010

Mystery Quilt Buying Guide

Ok Mystery are your shopping instructions. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I've built a little bit of excess in to the yardage for any little boo-boos that might happen. If you are a first timer, I do NOT recommend that you buy $10/yd fabric. A nice soft $4-$6/yd will do just fine.

You are going to need 2 colors (light and dark) for this quilt. The more the two fabrics contrast the better the final effect will be. I recommend that you purchase either solid color fabric or something with a very tiny print. We are going to be cutting everything into pretty small pieces, so if you have a large print you will lose it in the cutting. If you are new to purchasing quilting fabric...head to the big wall fabrics in your local fabric store. These are going to be the quilting fabrics.

You will need:
1.5 yards of dark fabric
2 yards of light fabric
2.5 yards of fabric for the backing and binding***

***Backing and Binding Fabric Note: You can use either of the two fabrics that you have selected (light or dark)....OR, if you're feeling adventurous you can select a print that matches your two fabrics. This would technically take you out of the realm of a "two-color quilt," but if you love it...who cares???

Other Necessities:
Sewing machine - don't have one??? You could still make this quilt, but you would need alternate directions...and a whole lot more time
Thread - I recommend Coats and Clark Hand Quilting thread - yes, I know we are machine quilting, but this is still my favorite thread because it doesn't tangle as easily. Get something that matches your light fabric.
Scissors - good fabric scissors will make your life easier
Ruler - a basic one will work, but see optional materials list for alternatives
Pins - I love the long ones with the yellow heads that come in a plastic box, but amy straight pins will do.

Optional Things That Will Make Your Life Easier:
Rotary Cutter - looks like a pizza cutter
3.5 inch square ruler - You can find these in the quilting section at the fabric shop, or you could use a larger one if you already own a bigger size (I'll probably be using my 6.5" square)
Rotary Cutting Mat

Some Color Combo Suggestions: DO NOT THINK YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THESE. I just thought it might help to spark some ideas. Obviously, the easy answer is white/ivory with something else.

Light Blue/Navy
Light/Dark Pink
White/Black (very graphic)
Ivory/Navy (very traditional)
White/Orange (funky)
Light Pink/Brown
Bright Pink/Navy
Light Blue/Red (nautical)

When you've finished your shopping, come back and comment to tell us what you've picked...personally, I'm having a lot of trouble deciding!


  1. I'm hatching a plan for my quilt design...need to work out a few more details though. Has anyone been shopping yet???

  2. OK - my quilt will be sold in my Etsy shop and all proceeds will benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and my good buddy Carla. So, I'm going with pink. Haven't decided which shades yet, but pink and pink sounds nice:)

  3. haven't been shopping yet, but i'll be on the hunt for pink fabric also!!

    thanks becky!!

  4. Haven't shopped yet but we go to our quilt group at Lori's this Saturday so will see what they have. They have groups of fabrics that go together so I'll see what they have.

  5. ok, so I just bought my fabric! I went with a dark brown and light khaki fabric and a really pretty brown and khaki print for the back! Boring but I like it!