Friday, May 14, 2010

Fingerprint Fun!

Belle and I have been doing lots of "projects" together this week. Our most recent adventure was into the world of fingerprint art. We started with WASHABLE stamp pads (left over from my former life as a teacher) and some plain white paper. I fold several paper towels into a square pad and got it really wet. We used the paper towels to clean our fingers off before we switched colors. Belle had fun dotting fingerprints all over her paper. Then we decided to try putting some dots together to make critters. Belle stamped the dots and I added to embellishments. I even managed to get a new logo for Belle + Bee out of the project.

Nest step - iron-ons! I've never used printable iron-on transfers before, but I thought this was worth a shot. My plan is to create an iron-on of Belle's caterpillar and transfer it to a tee for her. And if that works, Belle + Bee designs may even begin featuring a bee logo on each item...

I'll be sure to share a pic if the tee comes out well!

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