Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'M STUCK! It seems that everytime I sit down to create a tee for an outfit, I end up with a very literal applique. I pull something straight out of the fabric, redesign it a bit, and stitch it on. LITERALLY! - See the Funky Chicken...she's pretty literal!

I'm in a creative rut! So I'm asking all of you in bloggerland to help me out. As of this moment, I'm challenging myself to push the creative limits. No more literal appliques (though I love the Funky Chicken so much, that even with this challenge I think she would have been stitched anyway:).

So how can you help??? Keep me honest. Call me out if you see literal appliques or super matchy-matchy outfits popping up in shop or my posts. Ask me about my new creations. And share links to outfits that step outside the realm of perfectly coordinated. Better yet, inspire me with your own non-literal creations!

1 comment:

  1. I'm guilty of the literal applique too, but I just love it! Your chicken is way too cute, can't imagine anything cuter!