Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet StudioMo

I just have to tell you all about my new crafter "friend," Melissa Sims of StudioMo!

A few weeks ago, I found Melissa's Etsy shop ( and fell in love with her hand-carved stamps. They are whimisical and sweet and adorable and just oh so lovely! I poured through the 100+ designs in her shop, all of which are about 1-2 inches in size and perfect for any paper craft you may wish to create.

After exchanging several messages, she created a set of custom stamps for me on a larger scale to be used in my children's clothes and gifts.

Here is just a sneak peek at one of the designs that features her artwork. There are lots more to come (especially after the massive stamp order I placed this week!!!), so be sure to check my Etsy shop or Facebook page often to see how her stamps are showing up in Belle + Bee creations!

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