Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Rest of the Week

No pics hasn't been pretty!

Just because we shared our one wonderful, utopian day, I thought I would let you in on what the rest of our week has been like:

1. New furniture - Belle promptly peed on it within 1 hour of its delivery. (that big cup of juice that kept her quiet while the delivery men were setting up the new furniture was probably a really bad idea!) She NEVER has accidents, but she couldn't get around the partially assembled book shelf in the middle of the floor to get to the bathroom in time...PERFECT!

2. A tooth - well, not yet. But our always smiling Bee has been a Grumpy Gus all week! YIKES!

3. A leaky dishwasher - I just love cooking in a puddle.

4. Take-out pizza, repeat, take-out barbecue, repeat...we have rooms to reorganize!

5.! And oh, this was NOT an accident!

6. A bloody nose...another bloody nose...and a really bloody nose! Kiss that tee bye-bye (at least the animal victims of the oil spill will get good use out of it).

7. One long grueling shopping trip with two cranky girls and a VERY indecisive husband. You know what...that huge empty wall in our family room looks just fine the way it is!

8. SPAGHETTI - a quick-fix meal is not such a time saver when you chop it up and put it on a 9 month-old's highchair tray!!!

9. And now, a lovely case of insomnia!

I guess there's always next Monday! I hope you all had a week full of Mondays...

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  1. What a week! Makes my cleaning out my office so I can move to a smaller office not quite so bad! TT