Monday, August 9, 2010

Your Child's Artwork - Preservation Tutorial

Looking for a way to save some of that precious artwork that your little one is churning out by the box load??? This quick tutorial will help you preserve and display some of your favorite pieces.

You will need:
A basic line drawing from your child (hand prints would be super adorable, as would having your child write his/her name)
Plain white paper
Broad-tip black marker
Linen fabric panel (slightly larger than the drawing)
Embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Embroidery hoop optional

1. Place a piece of white paper over your child's artwork. Trace the outlines of the piece with pencil. Remove the artwork from behind the paper and then trace over the pencil lines with the broad-tip marker.

2. Tape the paper with the marker outline to a window or glass door. Tape your linen fabric over the paper. Use the pencil to LIGHTLY trace the outline onto the fabric.

3. Use a basic backstitch to embroider all the lines of the drawing. You can add details like French knots etc. if they are necessary for your child's drawing.

4. Press the linen and mount to backer board.

5. Frame and enjoy!

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