Sunday, August 1, 2010


We took a family visit to the NC Museum of Art this morning. Belle and I had a great time looking at each painting, talking about what we saw, deciding what emotion the piece conveyed, and wondering what was happening in lots of pieces. (I'm not really sure how my husband and Bee felt about the adventure, but we didn't really ask their opinions:)

One of the best parts of our local museum is the outdoor sculpture garden and walk. The enormity of many of the pieces is simply awe-inspiring. One piece that particularly caught our eye today was Askew by Roxy Paine. It is a massive metal leafless tree. It shines in the sunlight and reflects the world around it. Truly beautiful!

We used this grand tree as inspiration for an afternoon art project. This was so simple that Belle could do most of it by herself with just a bit of help with attaching the pieces.

We pulled out a roll of aluminum foil, ripped off several pieces and started smushing. I built a basic round base and wrapped it around the large trunk. From there, Belle made branches and put them on the tree. I pinched each branch in place and before we knew it we had our very own version of Paine's masterpiece.

So next time you're visiting you won't need to wonder about the unusual centerpiece on our kitchen table:)

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