Monday, August 23, 2010

Making Do Monday - Beads in Our Hair

Belle loves hair clips, pony tails, and all things bling for her mane. But, the little snap clippies from the discount store are starting to feel like "baby" clips, so we felt an upgrade was in order.

These beaded bobby pins are perfect for tucking those bangs back out of her face (where they are 99% of the time since she refuses to let me tuck her hair behind her ears!).

Super simple....and yep, we're making do, so we found all of our supplies in the playroom closet!

You'll need:

thin beading wire

bobby pins

small beads

wire cutters or scissors

those round nose beading pliers are super helpful, but not necessary

For the sake of easy directions, let's call the rounded end of the bobby pin the "back". And the end that you open up to slip your hair in is the "front".

Twist the wire around the back end of the pin (be sure you are only twisting around the ridged prong of the pin...don't tie your pin closed with wire please) 5 times. Slip a bead on to the wire and push it all the way down to the twists you just made. Pull the wire tight and twist it around the ridged prong 3 more times. Repeat for a total of 4-5 beads. Finish off by twisting around the pin 5 more times. Clip your wire and pinch down the sharp end. Voila! Big girl hair accessory complete.

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