Monday, August 16, 2010

Making Do Monday - Fleece Hat and Scarf

Introducing: Making Do Mondays on Belle + Bee

Making Do Monday is all about making do with what you have. This is a tough concept for me!!!! When I dream up a new project, the first thing I do is plan a trip to the "projects" store (Belle's name for our local craft and fabric stores). My goal for this new feature on Belle + Bee is that I will learn to make-do with the gazillion yards of fabric that I already have. Now if you stash isn't quite as massive as mine, don't worry...all the projects can be completed with purchased materials. But I would encourage you to try to make-do with me, as much as possible:)

Each week (I HOPE!) you will find a tutorial for a simple project that I made totally out of things I found in my house and stash.

First up...Fleece Hat and Scarf! Belle got a new coat for fall, and as I was actually on my way to the projects store to get yarn to crochet a hat, I remembered the pile of fleece I had collected a couple of years ago. And Making Do Monday began:)

On a difficulty scale of 1-4 thimbles, this is about a 0.5:)

You will need a large piece of fleece fabric and some thread. This can be made by hand or machine. Assuming you don't have a large box of fleece in your closet like me, then purchasing a yard of fleece will be more than enough for an adult-size hat and scarf.


Cut the selvage edge off of the fleece. This is your new measuring tape (I was too lazy to go dig one out of the garage).

Measure the circumference of your head (or the recipient's head) at the widest point. Snip the selvage at that length so that you now have a strip that is exactly the same size as your noggin.

Now measure from your brow bone up to the crown of your head, add 4 inches and snip another piece of selvage.

Now use your two measurements to cut TWO rectangles of fleece. Make sure that the stretchy direction of the fleece goes with the circumference measurement (fleece only stretches in one direction and you want that to go around your head).

Fold each rectangle in half hamburger-style (you are going to match up the height-measurement sides of the rectangle). Sew the edges together using 3/8" seam allowance. You will now have 2 cylinders that you could wear like a stovepipe hat on your melon.

Turn one cylinder right side out and slip it down into the other so that right-sides are together. Match up the seams and pin the bottom edged together. Sew all the way around the bottom edge of the cylinders, connecting the two together.

Flip the cylinder so that wrong-sides are together. You can now put your hat's just missing the fun fluff at the top.

Cut a very narrow strip of fleece (about 3/8" wide and 12" long). Gather the top of the hat, wrap the strip around it and tie several very tight knots.

Use scissors to fringe the top edges of the hat. Each piece of fringe on the sample hat is about 1/2" wide, but you can make them any width you would like.



Cut a long strip of fleece, approximately 6" wide (you really could make the scarf any width you like). For this toddler-size scarf, I just cut across the entire width of the fleece, which I think is 58". So, my scarf is 6"x58", but you could use any measurement that fits your fabric and your recipient.

If you want an adult-size scarf, or super long scarf, or you just have a smaller piece of fleece, then just cut two lengths and sew them together.

Use scissors to create fringe along both ends. You can make the fringe as long and wide as you like. Mine is 1/2" wide x 4" long.


PLEASE DO NOT EVER USE PICS OF MY KIDDOS!!!! I really don't like to post them at all, but on occassion it seems necessary for a post. I love them and want to protect them, so please respect this request!

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