Thursday, January 31, 2013

I had the opportunity to test a new pattern from HeidiandFinn this week. I have several of their patterns and absolutely love every one I've used. They are simple to follow, include tons of helpful pictures, and come together quickly. But, better yet, they are special. Each one has it's own little touch of flair that makes it stand out from the basic, boring patterns of the world.

The new pattern is the Ballet Shrug. When it comes out in the next few weeks it will be available in two size ranges...12mos-5T and 6-10 years. Another perk...patterns that come larger than 5T. In all honesty, I never really thought we'd get to that point. But, here we in the big girls department and having to modify our old patterns to add an inch or two to the hems.

For once, Bee was the immediate beneficiary of my sewing projects. It seems I always sew for Belle knowing that it will make its way down to Bee eventually, and then we'll get more wear out of it. But sometimes the kid just needs something of her very own...or I start to get the pirate face:)

The pattern comes with directions to add ties around the waist band, but Bee is in gymnastics (not ballet) and I thought long strings and flipping over bars were probably not the best combo.

Here's one general sewing tip...fabric quality matters. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot! I didn't want to make the drive over to the fabric store to get a knit for this project. So, I picked up a nightshirt from the local big box discount store. It had a cute print and matched her leotard. I thought it was a good idea....WRONG!

This fabric was a nightmare! If I so much as put a pin through it, it got a hole. And forget ripping out a seam if you accidentally made a pucker...shreds! GRRR!!!

But if I had to fight with the fabric, at least I knew I wouldn't have to fight with the pattern. It comes together like a dream. And then, when you've made something just for Bee, you get dreamy eyes too...buh-bye pirate!

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