Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My stash has taken a serious hit after all the work on Belle's quilt. I was almost completely out of orange and yellow fabric, and my basic red prints were pretty depleted as well. And I have a couple of new projects that are just itching for some basic black prints...a fabric choice that was totally non-existent around here.
So January is the month of stash rebuilding around here.
I started with a complete set of Pearl Bracelet by Lizzy House for Andover. It's just a great basic print that now comes in lots of colors and shades. I added Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry and The Birds and the Bees by Tula Pink. I'm fairly certain that Tula Pink has taken over as my favorite designer right now...there's just something about the way she cleverly includes squirrels or people or boats in very sophisticated prints. I guess it combines my love of adorable novelties with my desire for fresh modern patterns. Anyway...the complete set is getting pretty hard to find, so I was happy to have snapped up this bundle. A half-yard bundle of Timber & Leaf in Coral and Yellow added some gravity to things. The muted palette is feeling really fresh to me right now...I guess it's backlash from the rainbow riot I've been working on for ages:) I threw in a few prints from Type...I mean, how can you resist those type-writers??? I snatched up some text prints to mix in with my black and white stash. Not pictured here...I gathered a collection of fat quarters in just about every neutral Kona is offering and a few Bella too....lots of pale grays and putty-ish colors. And finally, I grabbed some basics in black/white, red, orange, and pink.
The stash is now fully rehabbed and I'm pretty sure it's time for a diet! Nothing like the holidays to make your jeans and your fabric stash a little fuller than before:)

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  1. Loveliness! Except I got a few parcels in the mail today already from restashing and had to go immediately order the fq bundle of timber and leaf! Love those foxes and although it has caught my eye before I just realized it will be perfect for a one of my quilt along quilts. Fun!