Friday, February 19, 2010

Felt Applique - How To

Creating a felt applique tee for your little one is super easy and the results are super cute!

1. First design your applique. I always do a pencil sketch that includes both the shpaes and the embellishments.

2. On another sheet of paper, trace the shapes that you will need to cut using a felt tip marker. Cut these shapes out.

3. Place your pattern pieces on the felt. I always try to minimize felt usage by placing the shapes as far into a corner as possible. You never know when that 1 inch scrap of felt might be the star of your next design:) Trace around your pattern pieces with a pen or marking chalk, then cut out the felt pieces.

4. Embroider each piece with the embellishments from your original design. You can use basic running stitches, back stitch, french knots, etc. to make each piece uniquely yours.

5. Place the pieces (starting with the background pieces) on the t-shirt. Be sure to center the design where you want it, then pin it to the shirt. Make sure that you pin only through the top layer of the tee.

6. Use your choice of stitch to attach each piece to the t-shirt. The basic running stitch is the least noticeable. A back stitch or whip stitch will figure more heavily into your design. Try to keep your stitches neat and even. Continue securing pieces until your design is finished.

* I do not use a fusible webbing on the inside of my shirts because Belle thinks it is itchy, but this is an option to protect your knots and stitches.

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