Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FUN Felt Applique

I am totally in love with felt applique right now. It is so peaceful to sit with an adornment, slowly stitching each little piece together then adding the embellishments.

I just finished this ADORABLE Wild Flower for Belle. There is a "tutu skirt" in the works to go with it, but Bee has decided that the sewing machine disturbs her naps, so I haven't had a chance to finish it. The fabric for the skirt was actually the inspiration for this flower. I combined elements of several of the flowers on the fabric and came up with this fun design. I'm planning a sweet bumble bee baby tee for Bee that goes with the same fabric. I already have the pattern made, just need to get some black felt...can't wait!

A note on my Spring Market progress - I purchased a huge stack of tees to applique today. I made sure to get lots of shirts for little boys...I seriously need to figure out how to include them in my designs! I will post some pics as I finish a few. As for my goal to create at least one piece of inventory every day...well, I failed yesterday, but I am determined today. That probably means I need to stop sewing for Belle and Bee and start sewing for Belle + Bee:)

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