Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snappy T's

I'm not normally a Martha Stewart fan. Not that she doesn't have some wonderful ideas...I just usually end up feeling inadequate when I look at her work. But in this case, I am loving this project!

These "Snappy T's" are a huge inspiration for me right now. I am definitely planning to use her templates to make a set for Bee. And I think I might use this concept with some of my own designs for the upcoming market. It is such genius that you can snap different tiny applique designs on and off the same t-shirt. I am totally into woodland creatures right now, so I'm planning a woodland set, and maybe an ocean set for summer time. Look for pics, hopefully coming soon, with some of my results. I will even try to put templates up for you if I can!

The Snappy T's link is posted on my blog...be sure to check it out for simple instructions and adorable templates!

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