Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inventory Update

I did it! I completed my first piece of inventory for the upcoming Spring Market...did you notice the coutndown clock at the bottom of the page. Time is ticking! And I didn't add just one piece of inventory...I added 3!

So what did I add? Three COOKIE CUTTER tees. Cookie cutter tees are named because I use cookie cutters from my collection for the basic applique outline. Then I add embroidered embellishments.

The first one I finished last night, is my favorite of the 3. A little lime green dino with Carolina blue polka dots is resting on a navy blue tee. (I made sure to start with some little boy tees, since we are so girly in our house:)

I also spent a good chunk of time designing some of the FANCY FELT tees that I will be creating. These are more intricate felt designs with multiple layers and lots of embroidered extras (similar to the Wild Flower in my last post). I would love some advice on what types of designs moms and grandmas of little boys are looking for this year, so if you have some suggestions please post a comment. So far, I have planned a skull and crossbones, a sea turtle, and a guitar.

Can't wait to post some pics as the inventory grows!

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