Friday, October 15, 2010

Beautiful Butterfly

As promised...more costumes!

I bought these hand-painted wings here.

And boy did I learn A LOT making this tutu! You know those go-to designs that you make time and again? Well, it turns out that they are "go-to" designs for a reason....THEY WORK! So next time you think that adding two extra layers of fluffy stuff won't change your go-to design at all...think again! It will...and you will get frustrated...and there will be a little girl standing at your side begging to wear it...over and over and over again. So after some modification to my go-to design, we finally ended up with a wearable result.

And why, you might be wondering, is that child staring off into the distance in every single picture?

She's watching else do you get a butterfly to stand still?

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