Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do You Decorate?

We don't. At least we never have before. But this year, our neighborhood is having a decorating contest. Did this make me want to decorate? NOPE! But, it apparently made lots of our neighbors want to decorate. Which in turn, led to Belle asking about all the decorations.

And OF COURSE, wanting to decorate our house. Since I had no real excuse why we couldn't...we did.

We started by doing a google image search for ideas. I made sure that I entered search words that would lead to the kinds of things that I would actually put on my front porch and that wouldn't terrify my sweet, little 3 year old. We saved a bunch of pictures that we liked and then went back and looked at our digital collage.

With those images in our minds, we hit the "projects store." We gathered supplies and came home and got to work. Belle painted the skeleton mask while I cut out paper rats for our stairs (they met an untimely death when I forgot to bring them in before it rained...we'll be sure to replace them soon).

I used some of our left over fabric for the wreath alternative on the door...and yes, that is packing tape holding it up. I couldn't reach the wreath hanger and my husband wasn't home to get it for me. I promise we will fix that too!

A couple of pumpkins and a mum finished off our simple look. Will we win? HA! But at least Belle is happy:)

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