Monday, October 18, 2010

Making Do Monday - TREASURE PANTS

AKA - Lots of Pockets Pants, Pocket Pants, Mountain Pants, Who Needs a Bag? Pants, and my personal favorite Acorn Pants (because that's what Belle always fills her pockets with:).

I used this pattern from here. It's unisex and couldn't be easier to put's only TWO pieces! But, you could use any comfortable pants pattern that you have.

For the pockets, I used every pocket tutorial, design and/or pattern I could think of and went a little crazy. There are 8 pockets on the finished pants. I originally cut out 12, but 2 covered too much of the flower print, and 2 others seemed to be too far away from little hands to really be of much use.

And why is this a Making Do Monday project? Well, for's because everything I used came from my stash. You might not have a yard of luscious, soft, velvety, baby-wale corduroy in your stash, but you can find it here. Mine is "Lipstick," but there are tons to choose from. The pockets are definitely stash raiders! Find some random scraps and start cutting:)

I even had to "make do" with my elastic! I didn't have any 1/2" elastic and really wanted these pants finished in time for Belle to wear to the mountains, so I stitched two long pieces of 1/4" elastic together...I do NOT recommend that you make do quite this much, but I was desperate!

Plenty of space to stuff with acorns, flowers, leaves, rocks etc.

Maybe I should have made the elastic tighter so the treasures don't pull the pants right off the kid!

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