Sunday, April 10, 2011

Modern Bunnies

Over the last several weeks you've seen a million and one of my dolls. I've developed a pattern which I'm calling "My First Friend," and with each doll I tweak the specifics a tiny bit. I think I'm finally happy with the dimensions, curves, etc. for the girl doll, but Timothy here is my first attempt at the boy adaptation. Thinner through the bum, pants, shirt sleeves... What do you think???
The doll is designed to be appropriate for kids of ALL ages. I think that having a "big" girl and all her "big" girl toys around a smaller child has made me think about the accessibility of toys. Small parts, removable pieces, long strings/ties...all hazards for a toddler, but all involved in just about every toy my 3 year old owns.

So I set out trying to design a doll that BOTH of my girls would love. It's large enough that an older child will be able to consider it a friend, but lacking in all the choking hazards normally found in dolls.

With My First Friend working really well (and selling really well locally), I decided that we needed some animal friends around here too. So....

I'd like to introduce you to my new friend...Modern Bunny!

The Modern Bunny pattern is actually designed to be the base for numerous animals just by exchanging arms, ears, noses, etc. And once again, I'm trying to make something suitable for all ages.

Fabric selection is or paramount importance for this pattern. A skull and crossbones fabric immediately toughens it up. A vintage floral makes it sweet and precious. A modern novelty makes for a fun playmate.

One day, we'll have Modern Kitty, Modern Puppy, Modern Elephant...and a host of others. But for today, I just really like these two. If you want to read the story of each of my new friends, you can find Lilac and Bennett in my shop (Timothy's there too!). Their bios are in the listings. They're pretty lively characters, but I'm afraid this post is already way too long:)

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