Monday, April 18, 2011

A Vintage??? Modern Bunny

After all the hullabaloo surrounding the Growing Your Baby feature, I thought it was high time to start making some things for and WITH my kiddos. Belle wanted a bunny oh-so-very-badly, so we pulled out the Modern Bunny pattern at naptime one day and got started. Of course, I let Belle pick out the fabric...and wouldn't you know, she picked a vintage pillowcase and a reproduction print. This one's a quirky one, that's for sure:) So we made a vintage modern bunny!
So, Flowery has taken up residence at the head of Belle's bed, along with the matryoshka we made a while back and the knit doll I gave to her when she was born (no - I didn't knit it!). This kiddo has never carried a particular doll or stuffed animal around with her, so being given a place in the bed is the highest honor.

Now to plan a bunny for Bee...hopefully in time for Easter!

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