Saturday, April 30, 2011

Style Stitches - March

First, let me defend myself...these were almost finished on time! Just a few days late, I promise. They just didn't make it to the blog sooner because of all the other seasonal projects that I've been completing. PROMISE! So...a while back I told you that I was too nervous to tackle my third sewing goal for 2011. But not that I've partially conquered it, I think I can finally share. Sewing Goal #3: CLOSURES! I've been sewing for too many years to be nervous in the face of zippers and buttonholes. And to be completely honest, it's not the closures themselves that scare's more the mechanics of the sewing machine. Something about needing special equipment just really turns me off. This goal is actually the entire reason I joined in the Style Stitches challenge. I needed something to force me to figure it all out. And I can honestly say...I have a new obsession! I am completely in love with colorful zippers. I've started collecting them on every trip to the fabric store. It's getting a little out of control. I've made a collection of these bags for myself and various people...and I'm having so much fun! And nary a white or black zipper in the bunch! For my first set, I actually just picked out the zipper color I wanted for my own bags. Then I came home and pulled fabric from my stash to go with the zippers...totally backwards, I know, but lots of fun that way. I finally settled on this bizarre palette of hot pink, chartreuse, and dove gray. It may be my new signature palette...I am THAT in love with it:) on to button holes!

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