Friday, April 8, 2011

Show It Off - Quilt Pattern

This quilt is all about showing off! Whether you choose to show off a hand-stitched design or a large print on a beautiful fabric, you'll have this whipped up in a jiffy! The pattern below is really just intended to give quilters the dimensions of my pieces, so they can replicate if they so choose. But, I added more detail so those of you with sewing experience could play along. If you're a total quilt newbie and would like to see a Quilting 101 series, just leave a comment and let me know. I have one in the works, but it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. Having someone hold me accountable, might actually make it happen:) You'll need: 4 center pieces 8.5" square (something you want to show off) 4 coordinating fabrics perle cotton thread if you choose to do hand-quilting crib-size batting (or a 32" square of batting if you're like me and buy big batting and cut it up) 1.5 yards backing and binding fabric Note: All pieces are cut using a rotary cutter and square ruler. All pieces are joined by placing right sides together and sewing using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

1. From each coordinating fabric: Cut 2 rectangles measuring 3.5"x8.5" and 2 rectangles measuring 3.5"x14.5". [And you experienced quilters can probably stop reading right here and run off to find something to show off:)]

2. Lay-out: Decide which coordinating fabric will accompany each center piece. Then decide on the block placement for the finished quilt.

3. Assemble Block: Attach the two smaller rectangles (coordinating fabric) to each side of the first center square. Press seams toward outside. Then attach longer rectangles to top and bottom of center panel. Press seams to outside. Repeat for next 3 blocks.

4. Assemble quilt top: Sew top pair of blocks together. Then sew bottom pair of blocks together. Press seams in opposite directions (ie. top seam to right and bottom seam to left) as this will make matching seams easier. Sew top row to bottom row matching the center seams. Press seam toward bottom of quilt.

5. Create Sandwich: Place quilt top on batting. Trim batting to approximately 2 inches wider than top on all 4 sides. Place top and batting on backing fabric. Trim backing to approximately 2 inches wider than batting on all 4 sides. Extra around edges allows for any slipping during quilting process and will be trimmed later. Baste well using your preferred method (pins, basting spray, etc.).

6. If machine quilting - Stitch 1/4" on each side of center square outline and 1/4" on either side of seams between 4 large blocks.

7. If hand-quilting - select perle cotton thread to complement block. I prefer to use variegated, but that's just my personal choice. Hand-stitch, keeping stitches as even as possible, 1/4" inside and outside center square. To stitch around the outside edge of each large block, you will need to stitch 1/4" from the 2 inside seams and 3/4" from the outside raw edges. This will accomodate your binding in the next step.

8. Prepare binding - Cut three 3 inch strips of backing fabric for binding. Sew short ends together to form one LONG, SKINNY piece of fabric. Fold strip in half lengthwise and press well.

9. Attach Binding - Place binding raw edges together with quilt top and sew using 1/2" seam allowance and mitering corners. If you don't know how to miter the corners of quilt binding and want to see some pics, just leave a comment and I'll get a quick tutorial together for you:) Fold to back, press well and hand-stitch folded edge to back of quilt.

Questions? No? GREAT! Now go get busy:):):)

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