Thursday, April 21, 2011


My children play together really nicely. I'm lucky and I know it! I think back on all the times Belle nearly popped Bee's head right off her little body trying to hug her when she was still an infant, and I'm hoping that by letting them establish their own boundaries with each other I've in some way fostered their relationship. I'm realistic enough to know that's a bunch of baloney, but I sort of like my delusions:) They love to color together, kiss each other good night, and make family beds (big piles of pillows and blankets) to share in the family room.
And who is the first person Bee asks for when she gets up from her nap??? Belle (except that, for now, she calls her "Nee-Neet," a name we will never figure out!).

And as a mom, it really makes life easier when your children will entertain each other for extended periods of time. On rare occasions, you can almost...ALMOST, have a complete thought, all at once:)

And every so often you can get a little work done. Not often, and definitely not all at once. But over time, it can add up. A hem-band here, a waistband there, and every so often an applique or two.

Though I will admit, that sometimes I wish they wanted ME to play...but I guess that's the price I pay for having such an amazing pair of sisters in my house!


  1. How sweet :) Mine are a boy and girl, but they love each other like crazy, then they fight like crazy ;) I love your skirts and tees - that top skirt is to die for with the pockets!

  2. Oh, isn't that nice! Jack and Will have been getting much better at playing together lately, so I've been able to steal some moments away to sew little bits too! It's a crazy thing after the intensity of having two small children be totally dependent on you for everything!

  3. oh, and I am loving those bunny applique shirts!